omg omg

i finally have internet access at home now. i bought an dail up card. and it finally WORKED! thank god. man, isn’t andy sexy? drool.

here’s a total OMG incident. i was looking thru pirated dvd today and guess what i found? Lord of the Rings II and III. WOOHOO!!! I can’t wait to see them. andy, i also got Star Wars II, Man in Black II, Ice Age, Meet the parents, Gladiator (I hope andy likes this one coz i’ve never seen or heard of it), Dogfqweru (is this a scary movie?),The Scorpion King, Blade II, Air Force I. A total of 11 dvd/vcd. It’s 99rmb (less than 12.5 dollars) I hope they all work. The guy said if any of them doesn’t, i can go and exchange. i was about to jump up and down!!

I’ve also gotten a very pretty traditional chinese dress. unfortunately i can’t put the pictures online yet. i took pictures of my grandparents today.

still three weeks to go before i leave china. i miss andy dearly 😦 but at least i have internet access now =)

12 thoughts on “omg omg

  1. hehehe yay!
    for 12.5 dollars?? O_O!!! What a deal!!
    I can’t even get one dvd for that price XD

    Weeee! Dodo has internet access again! =)

  2. whoa! You got all of those movies? thats a bargain! I think that you will like Gladiator, I know that I really did. It seems like 3 whole weeks, but when you get home, you’ll be wanting to be in China 😉 Thats super about your internet. I hope you have lotsa fun!

  3. WOW!!! I told my boyfriend about LotR and he freaked out… lol. we have a Chinese DVD player that my dad’s friend brought back when she visited last, but no cool pirated DVDs to play in it!

  4. lol dodo trust me on this. the lord of the ring 2 & 3 are bogus for sure. its probably hercules (the movie) or something. thats what happened to me the last time i bought a fake dvd from china

  5. Can you tell me where they sell pirated dvd or Vcds??? Coz, i am going back to shanghai soon, and i wanna get some vcds too. PLEASE????

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