quick news

i’m going to live with my grandpa on my dad’s side for two days. leaving today.

meeting my elementary classmates this sunday in front of our elementary school gate πŸ™‚

i bought an optical wireless mouse for 215rmb (about 27 dollars). i tried it on my friend’s computer. it worked fine. hope it will maintain its functionality when i go back to US.

my friend bought me a mic and headset for $1.25

I exchanged my vcds with dvds. i’m going to check the quality of them at my grandpa’s today. then i’m gonna visit another recommended place looking for more dvds =)

6 thoughts on “quick news

  1. I hope Customs will let you in with all that bootleg material πŸ˜‰ I hear HMV is a good place to get those sort of things.

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