i’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

just you know i’m back *hehe* i’m working on the pictures =) there are so many of them, it will take a while. my flight was terribly long. but at least i didn’t have to spend an extra nite anywhere this time.

andy was too happy to see me and me too. we spent the day together yesterday. i’m back at work today. i will be on aim =) see you all around!

PS. we got our VERY OWN apartment and andy had made it SOOO PRETTY. kiss kiss =)

15 thoughts on “i’m BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. welcome back dodo!!!! even through some rough times, I bet you had an AWESOME time! You know we all wanna hear about it and see all your pics πŸ™‚

  2. welcome back DODO!!! *kiss dodo!*… hahaha… and i guess i take it that andy moving the stuff on his own, was a success?? =D congrats! ^___^

  3. glad to hav e you back dodo! can’t wait for the pics. anyway, i hope my comments don’t hang my computer. sometimes i can barely comment cos of the script. 😦

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