guestmap at bravenet is a cutiepie service. fortunately right now it doesn’t have much ads. i signed up one for dmb. it’s probably gonna have tons more ads once it gets popular.

i got a new paid project to do. some algorithm to generate random numbers. it’s a easy money project 😉 thanks daynah for the referer.

i can’t believe school will start next monday. i feel pretty numb toward it. not excited, scared or happy. what pisses me off is that my degree evaluation shows that the Modern China class i took last semester didn’t fulfill the General Education Historical Perspectives requirement. what is that?! Modern China is a solid history course, why doesn’t it fulfill Historical Perspectives? nonsense! i’m emailing my advisor to get this taken care. i hope i won’t get a bunch of crappy excuses for this! arrg

annia needs a hug.

oh yeah i got my webcam back 😉

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