HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO DAYNAH AND AL!! i was just thinking last nite that. daynah and al starts with “d” and “a”, dodo and andy also starts with “d” and “a”.. isn’t it something hehe… we have lots of YUAN =)

got a little present from kat
kat's gift

i got a livejournal!!! now i can view those “friends-only” lj!! my username is dodozhang21 btw 😉

i also got an aim icon from leah

woohoo!! rated DODO!! what does it mean?! *evil grin* – only a few of my close friends know hehe…

12 thoughts on “say…

  1. catherine.. how do i read your lj? i’m still getting the april 7th entry.

    yuan is a chinese word. kinda means fate.. but not exactly.. just a word that describes the chances of people meeting each other, forming the relationships they have in lives.

  2. hehehe dodo i want to add you to my list. hrmm … i’m not sure if i am allowed or worthy tho! 😛 i’ll add anyway! *crosses fingers*

  3. add me to your list? that’s fine =) i don’t have a lj tho. i just got an account so i can read others =) if you want me to read yours, feel free hehe..

  4. ^^ Those gifts are cute!

    Well, I have a liver journal that I rarely use. 🙂 bawkchoii is my sn…but beware, it’s rarely updated! ^^

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