email forwards rock!!

haha, you know what i just figured out? since i dont want to give away my real email address online, it’s very inconvenient when i need to sign up for stuff online. i’ve been using andy’s addy lately so he started to get a tons of junk mails. i feel bad 😦 but i figured out a better way. since i can have unlimited email forwards at regretless. i will just make a tempt forward i.e. and forward it to my real addy. after i start get junk mails thru that forward, i can delete that forward and make a new one. do you love my wonderful idea? haha.. i just want to jump up and down =)

11 thoughts on “email forwards rock!!

  1. you should read a recent issue of newsweek. There was an article on spammers. The prefer to call themselves “mail solicitors”. The people that do that crap can make millions and millions by anoyying others.. 😑

  2. hehe this is why i ask for a lot of forwarders πŸ˜› when *cough* somebody *cough* started spamming me.. I asked the domain owners to cancel the fwder πŸ˜€

  3. That´s so smart! But Spam should be forbidden. Those people get so agressiv. Remember how Spam started out? Like one spam every couple of days. And now it´s like 50+ a day. They are mad!!!

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