stupid dream

i woke up whispering this morning. when i opened my eyes, i saw andy staring at me. he asked me what i was saying. then i remembered my whole dream. i don’t ususally remember my dream so clear but this time…

andy and I were in Shanghai, China. it was a night and we decided that we wanted to sing karaoke and have some dinner out. andy called a taxi and for some reason the previous passenager had to pay andy money. i went over and saw andy accepted a chinese check. i was so pissed. i asked andy why would he accept a chinese check. it wasn’t like his american bank would cash it. plus 9 out of 10 times the checks are fake. then we got on the taxi. the taxi had no driver. the driver controlled the car with a remote. first i thought that kind taxi must cost a lot more than the normal ones but the driver ended up giving us a huge discount. it only cost 10 rmb.

when we arrived at this karaoke place, it just opened. we went inside. there were at least 30 people there already. i was amazed. i was expecting much less people so i could actually sing. when the songs started, it was nothing like the normal karaoke.. it was like a contest of some sort.. you get random parts of four different songs.. and you had to try to sing them. it was a show off of how many different songs you kenw. it was completely outrangous. i started feeling i shouldn’t be there at all. so i took andy and walked out of the room. a lady stopped me asked me to pay the bill. it was 21 rmb. i thought i saw a 8 rmb per person sign outside of the window, so i questioned what was the extra money for. and the lady said it was for the songs and food. i cried out i didn’t even sing a song and neither did i have any food. she insisted that was coz i didn’t want to stay. they would serve the food and i would be able to sing the song if i stayed. i said i wasn’t gonna stay so i shouldn’t have to pay. that lady won’t let me leave and threaten calling the police on me if i didn’t pay. i was like: go ahead and call the police, did i sign something entering this place to pay for service that i didn’t receive? since andy couldn’t understand a word of chinese, he stood next to me and asked what was going on. that’s when i told him “those bastards are trying to rob us blind” – the same sentence i whispered when i woke up.

stupid dream made me waking up mad. i wanted to punch that lady in the face.

5 thoughts on “stupid dream

  1. Wow, You are like me… I have the most active and fun dreams. I get pissed too… once I gotc completely mad at chris… he was being a butt in my dream and when I woke up I was still mad at him! LOL

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