cute panties

haha literally =) did i ever show you guys what i bought from china.. well here’s a little view. click for a larger viewi got three very cute panties. i’m wearing the pink one right now muahaha..

i also got a hk lamp. it’s sitting in our bedroom now.

btw, i was talking to gaile last nite and she asked me what “yuan” mean. many of you asked it too in my other post. let me find my best to define “yuan” for you.

“yuan” is a chinese word. it kinda means fate but not exactly. it’s a force that controls everyone’s meetings in life. an old chinese saying says “if you have yuan, you two come from thousands of miles to meet each other, otherwise you won’t notice each other even if you pass each other by.”

12 thoughts on “cute panties

  1. hehhe i had trouble reading that chinese phrase at first, cause it was simplified chinese heh but i eventually got it, but putting it in context ^^

    hopefully u can read the stuff i wrote in the letter XD cuz it’s in traditional chinese

  2. wow. in vietnamese, i think yuan would mean ” duyen “. lol ask daynah if you don’t believe me. the 2 words sounds & seems very similar 😉

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