why is there a hk phone on our toliet.

thanks to daynah for the reminder. let me tell you an interesting story. do you believe there’s a hellokitty phone on our toliet? well, let me show you some pictures:
it doesn’t look much like a phone unless you open it:

last sunday andy got up early and wanted to replace the sound card in my computer since my computer somehow stopped recognizing my old sound card. he opened the box for the new sound card and took the material out and set them on the carpet in the living room. but all the sudden, he had to go the bathroom really fast so he went. before he got done, the phone rang. since he didn’t want the phone to wake me up, he got off the toliet and ran to the living room to pick up the phone. very unfortunately he accidentally stepped on the new sound card. he didn’t only break the sound card, he hurt his foot too. his foot got all bloody 😦 😦 with wounds. (he’s fine now.)

since i bought a hk phone from china and it’s so small and cute, i’ve decided to put it in use. the phone now sits marvelously on our toliet. and for those who don’t have a phone in their bathroom, i’d highly recommend putting one there. it’s unbelievably convenient! hahahaha seriously!

oh btw, my computer is fixed now. it turned out the sound card was fine. it was only because of my PCI slot. andy moved the old sournd card to a different slot and now it’s working 😉

5 thoughts on “why is there a hk phone on our toliet.

  1. *ouch* I actually winced in pain… a cut by a soundcard… *ouch* The hello kitty phone is so cute! I want one! lol. I love hello kitty stuff… I’ve decided if my first kid is a girl then the room will be decorated with hello kitty!

  2. Wha? halr my post disappeared..*lol*

    I have a phone in my bathroom! I’m not one of those guys who has to get up with their pants still down, and waddle to the phone.

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