love n family


i made a wallpaper last nite for our anniversary. i don’t think it’s very good. but i tried. i was having a bit of layout block.. eek. that’s terrible at this special time of the year.

i’m sick. my throat hurts 😦 and the lecture rooms and the computer lab are cold as ice 😦 i need to go home and do my Calc III homework.

9 thoughts on “wallpaper

  1. beautiful! I love the wallpaper.. I wish I did stuff like that when I have layout block! I love the two baby pictures! It really adds a lot ot the whole effect.

  2. that’s such a cute wallpaper! happy almost-anniversary πŸ™‚ wow, this year is 5 for me and Mike – I can’t believe it’s been so long!

  3. The wallpaper is amazing! So very beautiful, really. I love the shot of you and Andy as well. Really really beautiful Dodo. *huggles* Get better soon! Sore throat sucks. I hope it stops hurting soon.

  4. Your comments some up really fast lol. I love this layout its pretty….^^ The picture of you and the dog on your webcam is cute also :biggrin:

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