almost burnt the house down *again :(*

i swear i should NEVER NEVER NEVER cook anything besides in the microwave while i’m on the computer. but just like everyone else, i never learn.

yesterday i wanted to have some tea so i filled up a pot with water and left it on the stove. i reminded myself over and over that i needed to check on it in five minutes before i got on the computer. however the next time i suddenly stood up and ran to the kitchen, i saw the pot was burnt into a brown color and there was no water left in the pot. smoke filled the kitchen….

i know i will make sure i cook water in the microwave now. thank god someone created microwave otherwise i will be doomed.

on the other hand, who loves to eat raw tomato?! *raises hand* i’ve been addicted to these fresh tomato that are directly from my dad’s garden πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “almost burnt the house down *again :(*

  1. ack! hehe.. Al has to remind me to check on the stove when we’re cooking too. I lose track of time on the computer!!

    Raw tomatoes?!?! Mmmmmmmmm I’ve been addicted to them for a while! Slice one up and gimme some! πŸ™‚

  2. That reminds me of when I almost set the kitchen on fire. ^^;; I was just stuck the toast in the toaster oven, but the toaster caught on fire! (stupid cheap toaster…)
    *bleh* I hate raw tomatoes. >

  3. though tomatoes aren’t my favorite, hahaha don’t trust that evil mircowave too much @_@;;

    I can’t even cook with that! Burnt stuff TWICE in that stupid machine!!!… first time, what i had incide started a small fire o____O;;…. the second time, (this year actually)… the thing i was cooking, went LITRALY BLACK, and hard, with a burning smell coming from incide the microwave @_@;; so there there dodo *pat pat* just watch whatever you have in the stove before you go do anything else. Better then “TRUSTING” the mircowave to stop when it will, expecting nothing to go wrong ;D hahaha

    experiance dodo XD hahaha how i shall never, ever cook πŸ˜›

  4. Becarful .. sometimes when you put just water in the microwave air bubbles or something is under the water, and when the cup (or .. whatever) moves, the air bubble thinger will burst and you will be badly burnt. It’s been awhile since I’ve read it.. but.. PLEASE DON’T PUT JUST WATER IN THE MICROWAVE!
    Next time you put it on the stove, and put the timer on. Or get some of those whistlers one.

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