events on dmb

boy, look at all the beautiful blinkies for dmb. think about having to choose one out of so many… hehe.. that’s the challenge the members have to face now on dmb. i also started secret buddy today. i messed up the emails two times. first time i didn’t send the secret buddy’s wishlist and the second time i sent the wrong ones. arrg… my old script was not working properly since it was too old. i hope it’s all straighten out now. in addition, registration is re-opened on dmb and the script SHOULD BE working now =P

on the other hand.. my father came over and made some noddles with his machine. it was fun to watch. and we steamed the lobster we got two months ago from chicago. YUMMMMY 😉 lobster is sooooo good. you really don’t have to put ANY spice to cook it with. just steam it plain for at most 20 minutes and it turns out GREAT!

this is cute and funny:

Recipe for Love…


1/2 cup of affection, a pinch of cuddles, 3 tablespon of pure sweetness and a great big kiss

directions: Dim the lights then mix them very slowly…

8 thoughts on “events on dmb

  1. 🙂 There are a lot of events going on at DMB! I can’t wait to see who the winner of the blinkie contest is! Mine isn’t very creative. 😛 (I was getting a tad confused with Secret Buddies at first) Yay! Registration is open!

    Yum…lobster. I love lobster, and crab is good too. 😀 (artificial crab? bleh) I’m having spagetti and crab tonight! YumYUM!

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