giving out my theme script ;)

I spent 5 hours last nite writing out the readme tutorial and examples for my theme script and now i’m giving it out to friends ONLY =) I’ve already sent an email out. If you think I know you and didn’t get my email, feel free to drop me a note or leave a comment.

I hope everyone’s doing well on the weekend. I’m still very sick and coughing like an old man 😦

15 thoughts on “giving out my theme script ;)

  1. dodo honey ;)… hehehe

    but ai, wow 5hrs? o_______O;; i would have stopped after 1 and a half hours, and said screw it XD lol!

    and awww, did you go see a doctor yet?? 😦

  2. *blink* Where did the rest of my commenting go?

    Anyways…I’m getting sick right before my school is going to start. NOO!

    *sucks on a cough drop* Tastes good!

  3. im sorry if this is the wrong place to discuss this, but i think there may be something wrong with DMB. I tried to register and it just kept saying to use only letters and numbers, when I was trying to register the name becky.

  4. I’ve been waiting for you to release your theme script for a long time… I’m very excited about you giving it out to friends, even if I’m not one. I really love, keep up the great work dodo… you’re awesome!

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