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yesssss GraphCalc rocks!

My first assignment for calc III includes a problem where we try to match the two variable equations with their graphs without a calculator. i dont even know where to start. thank god Paul gave me some hints and he found this awesome free graphic calulator online that does SO MUCH cool stuff. i’d really recommend you to try it out even if you won’t take calc III in your life. 3d graphs are SOOO cool LOL

check out some screen shots. here are some of the equations i have to figure out in my first assignment. you can try to graph them =)

z = cos(sqrt(x^2+y^2))
z = sin y
z = -(1/(x^2+y^2))
z = cos x)^2*(cos y)^2
z = sin (x^2+y^2) / (x^2+y^2)
z = cos(xy)
z = abs(x) * abs(y)

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