(Crockpot) Creamy Stew

This is an easy slow cooking dish. Put stuff together and leave the crockpot on low over night. The second morning you will be able to fill up your tummy and go “yummmm”.

2 lb beef/pork
1 can beef broth
1 can cream of mushroom
2 tablespoons of cooking wine/bear
1 pack of onion soup mix

Chop the meat into squares and sizzle them in the frying pan with some salt (optional) and seasoning (optional) until the surface turn dark. Pour the meat into the crockpot. Then add the beef broth, cream of mushroom and the wine. Turn the crockpot on low to cook for 8/10 hours. It will be ideal if you stir the meat once in a while but not necessary.

That’s it!! Pour it on some spaghetti noodles or serve it with garlic bread. Whatever suits you 😉

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