7 thoughts on “first user of my theme script

  1. The Kathy Davis page is soooo cute. Dodo, thank you so very much for sharing your Theme Script! I downloaded it too, just in case. πŸ˜‰ Have an excellent weekend!

  2. Hey Dodo, I don´t have your Email so I am just writing this in here:

    That´s the Stats Hack I used: http://www.adamwalker.34sp.com/index.php?p=141&c=1

    First update to that hack here: http://www.adamwalker.34sp.com/index.php?p=154&c=1

    Next update here: http://www.adamwalker.34sp.com/index.php?p=164&c=1

    In the last Update he is using another hack, so I don´t recommend it.

    You can find the referer instructions and download here: http://ncyoung.com/permaLink/57

    I suggest you do all the steps he listed, because not only can you see the referes, you will also be able to see when someone linked a blog entry of yours. Example: http://www.turtelina.net/dailylife/index.php?p=376&c=1#comments

    That´s it. πŸ˜€

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