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digs math for gold

clickcan you believe i actually feel calc III is my easiest math class this semester? so far anywayz.. isn’t taylor polynomial sweet? will you like to do my homework. for example, today we have to prove how f(n) is theda of g(n) when the limit of f(n)/g(n) is a, as n goes to infinity, where a > 0. i swear my calc III homework last nite was so much easier. at least my homework for algorithm and numercial analysis are not due until 9/19. i will have some time to dig around for gold LOL

on the other hand, i really love the program we are using for calc III. maple rocks! so does matlab. i think taylor polynomial is so much easier with matlab. how about graphing 3D and you get to rotate the graph whatever way you want? yummm :9

at least i don’t have to cook today. hehe.. andy forgot to take his lunch today so i get a freebie. he will just take today’s for tomorrow. anyway, you probably won’t see me online too much these days.

11 thoughts on “digs math for gold

  1. *covers eyes* Math is horrid… but it’s awesome that you get it. I wish I had the math talent like you have… I dropped college algebra because I just couldn’t get it!

  2. That kind of math is too far over on the left side of my brain to be comprehended by a total right-brained person like me. I can use math to do webdesign and stuff, but anythign more than that, I’ll die. Hahaha.

  3. ahhh.. i’m sorry… but really… i never liked Math. Math kill me ^^; but anyway, i know that Maple software. my teacher always recommend us to use it. i have it in my HD but, yeah you know.. never used it ^^;

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