why am i so tired?

i want to sleep so bad. i don’t even know why. i went to sleep around after 12am last nite and then i got up around 9:30 this morning. i was soooooo tired. sleepiness accompanied me throughout the day. now i’m home. i managed to cook something for andy and worked on my math homework and the new layout for finesse… i can bearly keep my eyes open now…

you think i got african sleepiness disorder (or whatever it’s called)


10 thoughts on “why am i so tired?

  1. awww!! i know EXACTLY how you feel!! i think all of my early morning vocal courses, drained me out…. blahh… it’s catching up to me @_@;; But sleep early tonight πŸ™‚ make yourself some nice to drink, before your slumber πŸ™‚

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