yay new theme’s up

if your cookie is set, click here. it features my second vector art. not too good but better than my first one. i notice it doesn’t look as good on opera but at least i tried.

i downloaded opera last nite so i can check my designs under more browsers. so now i check it under netscape 4.7 (if necessary), IE 5&6, mozilla, and opera.


25 thoughts on “yay new theme’s up

  1. I like it a lot Dodo! The face looks so real, so 3Dish. I really like the cam pic as well! Andy and you look so happy together. πŸ˜€ Enough from me for today. Looks awesome!

  2. your new vector layout doesn’t work in Mac IE 5.1, it gives me that standards message at the top. Which is kinda weird because I’m using one of the better browsers out there. 😦

  3. ooh this layout is great! heh this little table i’m typing in w/ the pink and white boxes is cool as well! oh dod, you’re just so cool. =D

  4. Dodo, I really love the layout. The vector art looks great and the web cam pic is cute. Thanks for wishing me a happy birthday… now I’m completely legal. πŸ˜‰

  5. Stacey, i’m still trying to figure out why it doesn’t work for your mac IE.. but it’s kinda inconvenient since the school mac doesn’t have a ftp software on it 😦

  6. woohoo!! i think i figured it out.. you know what was it? i just can’t put @import url(‘blah.css’); i have to get rid of the ‘ for it to work on mac IE.. isn’t that weird?

  7. hi, i dont want to ask you for vector help, so im going to ask if there is a website you went to to learn how to do it, i just downloaded it and im looking for tutorial sites.. if you would like to help me, i would accept, lol, but if not, a simple site would do (thats if you know of one)

    thanks alot

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