win xp pro and frontpage 2002

UI has continued its license agreement with microsoft. I got my student licensed win xp pro for $7.95 and my frontpage 2002 for $4.95 today. i got the xp for andy’s dad. i realized that they offered both frontpage 2000 and frontpage 2002, except 2002 is a dollar cheaper than 2000.. weird? i asked the cashier why, she said she had no idea. so i got frontpage 2002 because i like the “make the page xml-compliant” button on it. they have frontpage 2002 installed in our computer lab, with a single button, frontpage will do the little fixes such as change <br> to <br /> to make your page xml-compliant. that doesn’t mean it will correct everything but i think i will enjoy it a lot 😉

plug lele’s new chicken domain, i mean personal.. =P

to kat: i got your letter 😉 thank you. i’m not depressed. i’m just too busy to get online.

10 thoughts on “win xp pro and frontpage 2002

  1. Gotta’ love cheap stuff. My brother in india is sending me flash and other programs to me. He can get them for 2 dollars each! 🙂 Isn’t that awesome? 🙂 Well, Dodo, I’m feeling better today. Today is the big day for me… *wink* After towday I start the 2 week worry. 😉 Well, Have a great one.

  2. ooh thanks for telling me about the 800×600 thing. i didn’t think to check it under mozilla.. cause under IE, it looked fine. Fixed it though 😀

  3. I’m glad you got the letter. 🙂 I need to work on making my pages XML complaint, although I’ve lost interest in design lately. I don’t care for frontpage much. it is just useful for tables.

  4. i hide everything about me with a supposedly safe ip coz i’m such a dumb ass who needs to bitch about everything in the world. i need to get a life.

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