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learned in calc yet?

i don’t remember learning this in my calc class at all.. but now i will remember it forever since it’s such a help in my numerical analysis homework. i find it extremely amusing.


the answer is f(x).. too simple huh? i really love it πŸ˜‰
i did good on my calc III midterm today. the teacher actually let us looked at the keys after the exam. i missed one problem which i thought was a hard problem. draw a contour graph of z=(x^2+1)*y.. i could only come up with a upside down parabola. of course it’s not a parabola to begin with.. doh =P

9 thoughts on “learned in calc yet?

  1. Daynah, what do you mean you don’t remember how to do them? just plug in.. if you mean you don’t remember how to do integral, well.. that’s what i’m trying to recall now LOL go derivitive of inverse trig functions muahhaha..

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