locked myself out

one of the worest things you can possibly do to yourself is lock yourself out. i forgot my key at home yesterday morning when i left for school. :banghead: i didn’t realize it until i came home. i got to the apartment around 3pm and believing andy would be home at the latest by four. one hour wait didn’t sound that bad, so i’ve decided to waste some time. in addition to forgetting the key, i also forgot my watch, i had no idea what time it was. so i kept wasting time and kept thinking it was before 4pm..

finally i started to feel strange since the wait was long enough. i asked a lady what time it was, it was already 5pm!!! i wondered why andy never showed up. i couldn’t really do anything coz i couldn’t reach him at school. after another half hour of squandering, i knocked my neighbor’s door to use the phone. the two ladies were nice enough to invite me to be their guest. i called kfc, no one answered. as i expected, andy wasn’t in kfc since he was not scheduled to work. i called andy’s bro and found out andy was working on his car earlier so he might still be working on it but the school ought to be closed now..

the last hour of wait wasn’t too bad since i got to talk to the two ladies from south africa and get to know them. i didn’t get to know any of my neighbors since August.

andy finally showed up at 6:20pm and said that he broke some kind of rod in the car which he was not suppose to while he attempted to fix something else for the car. i said to him “much to learn?” he nod wildly.

12 thoughts on “locked myself out

  1. argh being locked out sucks a lot. It happened to me a lot during high school when I forgot to take the house key. My brother was always so unreliable too.. sometimes if the window was unlocked, i would climb up and go through it lol 😡

  2. Yikes Dodo! That does suck standing infront of the locked door. And that for over 3 hours, yikes. Good thing your neighbours are nice, and you got to chat with them. Now imagine if Andy had forgotten his key too. Eek!

  3. oy, I hate being locked out! Once when I was younger and I had a friend over my mom went to let the dog out and we all went outside and my friend closed the locked door.. I had to crawl back in through the window, luckily it was open even though my mom had to break the screen, lol.

  4. Ive been locked out before too and it sucked, but i called my mum on my mobile and she took 30mins getting home. Once when my grandma locked herself out, she just called the police. They come and open it for you for free XD

  5. Darn! It sucks to be locked out!

    I remember when I was locked out…I waited outside for 5 hours..and FINALLY my dad pulled in. *lol*

    (I put a spare key somewhere in the garden…hidden, but easy to get to)

  6. You know, one time Al locked his keys in the car… heh his mom had to drive to campus, and give him the spare. I don’t think she liked that.. =

  7. one time my family and i had rented a houseboat over the 4th of july weekend. one night we decided it would be nice to go sit on the roof and eat dinner. of course, idiot me, closed the door behind us and we were all locked out of the boat but we were still stuck on the boat! it was a disaster. finally, after trying to grab someones attention by waving our hands around, we gave up and just broke one of the windows to the inside of the boat. our family hasnt rented a houseboat since.

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