from paul

this following message was sent to me from my college friend paul:

okay, this may sound a little weird, but look at this photo i took today of some odd sunlight reflecting onto our ceiling:


notice the light on the ceiling?  now tell me, does it look like this…


weird, huh?


*i just want to add: the flag IS the the USSR flag, except it was abandon in 1991, the current RUSSIAN flag was adopted in 1991. since the nation USSR doesn’t exist any more, the flag also lost its significance. however, the hammer, the sickle and the color red are used in many other communist party flags. like the chinese communist flag.

15 thoughts on “from paul

  1. It does a little. At first I thought it was shaped as a dove. I thought it was a sign or something. Well, I have absolutely NO idea what-so-ever what that red and yellow logo is or means, so beats me.

  2. Creepy! At first I thought it was an angel or something, but yeah, it really looks like that. What does that sign mean? I know I’ve seen it before. =

  3. It isnt a russian symbol or the Russian flag (which is white blue and red), though they did use it before when they were still the USSR. That’s the symbol for communism.

  4. did i say you were wrong the first place? i just wanted to point out that the flag is not necessarily a symbol for communism. unless you meant the light not the flag… which could be taken as a symbol for communism from some respect since it’s used in all the commuist flags i know of. there isn’t a global communist symbol tho since there’s no global communist meeting or anything (from what i know).

  5. When I first saw the light, I too thought it looked like a dove. I think the light essence more resembles a dove than the former symbol on the USSR flag. 🙂

  6. did you just randomly decide to take a picture of this light on your ceiling? u have way too much time on your hands… and anyways what made you think that this light looks like the soviet union flag? i agree that it does look like it but that wouldnt be my first reaction to it… you people need to get a life.

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