diablo II?

i’m looking for a pc CD for the role playing game diablo II. so far the best deal i found is $23.95 w/o shipping here. if you know anywhere that sells it (brand new) for even cheaper, please let me know! I heard that diablo II made many improvements after diablo I. I’d love to see andy play it 🙂


4 thoughts on “diablo II?

  1. *hugs dodo* I am so freaking excited! I’m going to put up a baby log soon… I just need to learn how to cut up images in imageready…

  2. Oo, I have that game~! It’s so fun! You should get an expansion with it. More quests and characters. And it is better than D1. My lil brother said D1 is awful. ^^; My bf got the chest pack for like $50. It came with d1, d2, d2 expansion, instruction books and a big fat stradegy guide. MAJOR DEAL O_O!

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