16 thoughts on “DNW TOP 100

  1. sis, i love this! Do you have any rules on how many sites we can add? I added php-princess.net but I was wondering if I could also add my journal. 🙂

  2. hmm yea that’s a good point, i suppose if you add a new site you’d have to sign up a new account right now but i will try to fix the script sometimes so you can add more than one site under one account.

  3. I joined~! =D I’ve never joined a top site before. ^^ I really like yours though~! IT’s sooo cute~!

    Oo, muliple sites~! I would probably put up 2, since I only have 2 major sites anyhow. ^^

  4. i joined, but whenever i try to edit my info it always says there’s an error because my banner is not the right size, when i didnt even link one, since it’s not made yet 😦 so my account isn’t active yet either 😦 is it just my computer?

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