what’s up with this?

this girl christine lee who owns drives me nuts. i don’t know what’s wrong with her. she asked me to install a php board for her like a year ago and she agreed to pay me $50. i was like ok sure.. except it took about 6 months for the checks to arrive. yeah, checks!!!! it’s divided among FOUR different people and all arrived at DIFFERENT time and elongated to 6 months.. i didn’t even keep track of them well enough and i don’t think i get paid full but she claimed i said i got paid full. ok whatever big deal. so i installed the old version of xmb for her. and it was working after i installed it. i thought i was done and over with it. and guess what? six months later after the installation about 2 months ago, she came and complaining about how some functions of her board don’t work. i told her at the beginning i’d only do installation and NO TECH SUPPORT. and of course she started all the “reasoning” about how i supposed to install a “working” board and since it’s not all “working”, it’s still part of my job to fix it. i was like fine, i will install another board for her, but this time i’m going to ask her to sign an agreement and to make SURE that a week after the installation, i will no longer be responsible for it. like i said, i CAN NOT do tech support. and she then said she wants her money back. that was fine with me too, i just sent her a check for a full refund about a month ago and GUESS WHAT I FOUND IN THE MAIL YESTERDAY??? the post service returned my mail!!!! she gave me an invalid snail address. i was like, thank you for wasting my stamps. i emailed her and asked her to give me a CORRECT address. AND GUESS WHAT’S HAPPENING NOW? her email is returned too! ya, her site is down.

i feel like screaming now! WHAT IS ALL THE BS ABOUT? now i regret i ever accepted her job. arrg…… such a pain in the butt when you do a job for people on the net sometimes. this is my second time where i feel like a complete idiot doing all the work for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

27 thoughts on “what’s up with this?

  1. Incompetant people like that should not be on the internet. I’m sorry you had to go through all that mess!

    Maybe this is an opportunity to make some changes to your freelance design/program policy. Such as no checks, or write up a few template agreements beforehand and email it to the client. They have to sign the agreement and mail it with the payment.

    Very frustrating.

  2. that’s messed up. i don’t really trust people when they say they’re going to pay me. i just assume they won’t, and don’t do the favor. or do the favor only if i don’t care if i get payed or not.

    if i were you, i’d probably only expect payment from businesses, or people i knew in real life. not that what you did was wrong – not at all – i’m just saying that’s what i would do.

  3. Hi Dodo, thank you so much for coming to my site and leaving such kind comments, I truly appreciate it : D

    I guess that girl really DID need her money back if her site is down! *laughs* I don’t get why she would give you the wrong snail mail addy though, that doesn’t make much sense.. but I say just forget about her, she had her opportunity to get the money back, and after all you DID actually install the board for her!

  4. I think they should have to send atleast half of the payment in advance with the consent form, and then once you finish the script show it to them (like a screen cap) and then once you get the 2nd half of the payment give them the script.

    This is also a little off topic, but how do you get a snail mail addy?

  5. no actually i didn’t start the installation until i got around $42.. and it was not a script project, it was to install her board. there’s nothing about screenshot. also she gave me her snail addy in an email.

  6. I am so sorry Dodo. I don´t get why she didn´t get back to you right away. Why she waited 6 months, surely she must have noticed MUCH earlier that some things weren´t working. I think she probably messes those things up, because you are very capable of installing boards I´d say. *grrrrrrrr* So annoying, I am so sorry. 😦

  7. ahh dodo, i’m very sorry. some people are just so damn mean and inconsiderate…of others like you, who put so much time in writing scripts..heh..

  8. Aww…now i don’t ever want to do anything for ANYone online…so sorry this happened to you! I hope next time you do this you don’t get stressed out or something!! 🙂

  9. her site’s back up so in case you still want to contact her you can try her email again. although i don’t see why you would want to waste any more time on her XP

  10. >=0! Totally messed up. I hate people like that. Omigod, I never except checks, but they are totally not reliable. X_x Annoying girl. >=0 I hope that never happens to you again. What a drag. @_@ *hugs you*

  11. I cannot believe she put you through all that crap. All you wanted to do was help her out and now she doesn’t appreciated it. Ugh, I would be totally pissed. You are taking this so much better than I would’ve! Love the layout, it rocks!

  12. yeash! my poor dodo! *pat pat pat*

    What a waste of your time o____O;; poor you! hopfully you’ll have other better clients *huggie*
    but yea… pre-pay would be more rewarding hopfully… =]

  13. Geez, that person really wasted your time and your effort. Sheesh. Some people just don’t appreciate what others have done and don’t bother to read the rules or anything. But still, there are loado sf other people who are nice. 🙂 Many better clients wil come your way! 🙂

  14. Are you talking about this board?

    The FLAVA board? Well I can tell you why it’s popular. It’s not because of her that it is popular, she’s just hosting a board for another organization called FLAVA (Fun Loving Aspiring Voice Actors). I’ve been with the online Voice Acting community for about 5 years and I’m very sorry to hear all the trouble you had to go through…. Espcially through her cause well… she sometimes can be a bit of a big head… even among the board members. -.-

  15. i did do the work after A YEAR AGO. did you read? i didn’t rant about the work but the whole unnecessary ordeal came AFTER THE WORK. please bring your glasses next time.

  16. Sorry to hear you went through that, Dodo. I’ve heard that some companies check out their potential clients before doing business with them. Maybe that would help you in future?

  17. why you bother coming up to re-read my comments then? and should i mention this is like MY blog. hmm “optional clicking”? what did you get on you IQ test?

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