12 thoughts on “calc III midterm

  1. w0ot!! you GO DODO!! you go kick some ass!!! hahaha btw, i need a math tutor XD!! hahaha… lol! but yay! math midterms over!… right? lol! ^____^

  2. crush bush?
    i gotta go get it now, omg dodo likes it! not. i might get it, is it real good? anywho cool you scored more than Paul, go Paul for scoring less than Dodo.

  3. yup it’s really fun esp. if you play with another person. we played two player game and it’s a lot of competition with the computer. you get to team up of course. one of the round is to pick up stones and beat each other LOL it’s sooo fun. btw, it’s cheap too. it’s around $13 for ps2. i found the one for psx is dead cheap. it’s only $6.95 here.

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