confetteria Raffaello

I WANT THOSE (the almond and coconut ones).. yumm… do they ever sell them in a large quantity than the package of three?! confetteria Raffaello.. my baby…

btw, my computer is broken 😦 it tells me some windows/system file is missing or corrupted. i’m checking out a win2000 cd from school today to see if i can fix it. =

7 thoughts on “confetteria Raffaello

  1. Haha..I’ve never even heard of those. Sounds…okay. 😉 Sometimes those things that look delicious taste really sick to me.

    Sucky……..I hate it when my computer goes wild. 😦

  2. can’t fix the computer yet. i hope it’s not a hardware failure on my harddrive 😦 that will really suck. the first thing i don’t want to lose is my time sheets doc for my web site job for the UI social work department 😦

  3. I am sorry for posting another comment and reading the whole page, but my aunt has a recipe for those things. If you want it, I can get it for you. It’s not a problem at all.

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