without computer

without computer is really a pain. i can’t show pictures from my digital camera either 😦 i have nothing to play with. as a result, i bought a ps2 last weekend. muahahah.. andy got his receiver so we have everything hook up now.

my right thumb really hurts from the button pressing since i’m never used to play so much game LOL crash bash is still the best game ever. we’ve been addicted to it. andy got a star wars game too. i’m not too interested in that one since i’m not very good at it. andy told me i need to practice πŸ˜†

what are some GOOD ps2 ps1 TWO PLAYER game you’d recommend?

15 thoughts on “without computer

  1. My sister & her husband like the Twisted Metal games. You drive cars around and blow everyone else up. Pretty fun. I love the Small Brawl one–instead of full-size cars its little radio controlled ones.

  2. you shoukd try tekken tag or tekkan 4…its a fighting game for 2 playrs. it has the best movies and graphics animation.

  3. Gack, I know what it’s like without your computer. @_@ Eep~ It is a pain. @_@!

    Oo PS2 games~ Oo, Ico is good game! It’s really pretty too. ^.^/! Hmm, there are lots of games I wanna try.. o.O If you like puzzle games, get bust a move 2!!

  4. super smash bros is a good n64 game, maybe they’ve come out with a ps version of it πŸ™‚ too bad for your computer… here you go *hands dodo a band-aid* haha πŸ™‚

  5. I really like Final Fantasy X and Simpsons road rage is cool. You can do a two player game… it’s fun… you steal passengers and such… very funny.

  6. Bust-A-Move is a cute game. Al bought it for me last weekend. Kingdom Hearts is really good.. but it’s one player.. i think. Sis.. find me the link to Crash bash.. i can’t seem to find it in the stores….

  7. sis……. I finally found the game you’re talking about. haha.. i thought it was a ps2 game.. but it’s ps1. The ps2 version has a different name — crash bandicoot. πŸ™‚

    anyways.. Bust-a-m ove 2 is good. we played it last nite hehehe

  8. ok, i’m going to write down the games you guys recommend and will look for them first at local stores πŸ˜‰ we can’t afford games that are too expensive. we don’t have time to play involved role playing game either.

  9. I reccommend DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) πŸ™‚ ALL the way! XDD

    It’s a fun dancing game which gets you exercising and sweating.

    You need to get two additional dancing mats though, to play. But it’s totally worth it ^^

  10. Aww yeah… TEKKEN tag is the best! DDR is good too ^^: Me and my bro also played Twisted Metal a lot. SO FUN! But i recommend Bishi Bashi for ya’! it’s too cute! πŸ™‚

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