lauryn’s postcard

thank you lauryn, i got your postcard today. it was sitting among all the junk mails, i didn’t even realize until this morning. and your handwriting is so neat i thought it was print at first so i didn’t think it was a personal mail. thank you 😉 That was very sweet.

i got Twisted Metal III last nite but i didn’t really like the game. Andy said it’s just not a femine game. so we went and exchanged for Spyro. hehe.. that’s much better. it’s so cute and easy 😉 It’s like super mario. altho it’s one player, it’s more suitable for me.

7 thoughts on “lauryn’s postcard

  1. I love Spyro… And if you like that one, you might liek Crash Bandicoot. I kow there’s gotta be some other cute games… I wish there wear more mario like games for playstation. If you find any, let me know.

  2. Ooooh I really love Twisted Metal Black. That game rocks! Umm..If you are a dirtbiker like me, I’d go with freekstyle, its really fun, just tricks and stuff. Another good one is Crash Team Racing. XD

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