getting sick at the right time

this is just great… i caught a cold at the very moment that i have tons of work to deal with. every time i sneeze, tears come out of my eyes. i’ve been sneezing so much that it seems like i’ve been crying. i couldn’t sleep at nite coz my nose is not helping me breath. so i’m going home… *dies*

10 thoughts on “getting sick at the right time

  1. awww!! my poor dodo *pat pat* yeaa… don’t you just hate it when things just go from bad to worse?? *pat pat* hope you get well soon!!! =))

    But hm? i wonder what would be worse? getting your period at the wrong time or sick?

    xP they both suck. booo..

    get well soon dodo!!

  2. *gives dodo chicken soup* I’m sorry dodo! If it makes you feel any better I have some serious morning sickness (that last all freaking day)

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