it’s finally weekend.. gosh.. what a terrible week. after i got home yesterday, i took some medicine. it’s the NyQuil stuff but it’s supposed to be non drowsy since it’s for day time. it still made me dizzy. i was sleeping all afternoon. later i somehow managed to cook something for andy’s lunchbox. i don’t even know why i did that. then at nite i couldn’t sleep at all because of my nose problem.

when i went to my numerical analysis teacher’s office this morning, he told me how i shouldn’t have taken the day time medicine since i don’t have all the symptons it cures. i’m getting all the unnecessary side affects. arrg.. he suggested some different medicine for me. i was so touched. he then explained he made suggestions coz he thought my parents were in china. i told him they are here actually but i dont live with them and i truly needed the advice. i felt like crying… my dad has been nice but he doesn’t have enough knowledge to give me good advice. my mom… well the most recent news about my mom is that she is going back to china to visit my grandma on Nov. 25th. i called my grandma last weekend and my grandma said she wanted vitmin C and calcium tablets. i said no problem, i’d get them for her. earlier this week i got a message on my answer machine from my mom telling me “oh this this store has a coupon for calcium tablets, you can get it for this this amount.”… so sickening… instead of getting something for HER OWN MOTHER.. she could only do what… why didn’t she feel ashamed leaving SUCH A MESSAGE?! then yesterday she called me at work sounded all buddy buddy coz she wanted andy to give her a ride to the airport. i can’t wait to get her completely out of my life. just move to a different state without letting her know my address or phone number. any of her action drives me insane. and i do need my sanity so i don’t end up like her!

on a brighter note, i got to curve my first pumpkin on wednesday nite when we had a little party at andy’s mom’s house. andy’s mom’s dog Rascal is two years old. that party was half halloween party, half bday party for Rascal. and of course we carved two pumpkins πŸ˜‰ i made a happy pumpkin. i thought andy’s brother’s pumpkin looked like a bear πŸ˜‰

10 thoughts on “weekend

  1. awww guess you’re still sick eh? *pat pat*… RELAX on the weekend! =) you need the rest!!

    and ahh just forget about your mother o___O;;… hehe i dream of living on the otherside of the planet away from her =DD… that shall be nice.. lol!

    but oOooO…. did you have punpkin pie?? it’s very yummy!! ^____^

  2. aww I have to take medicine that makes me drowzy too, only I take it at night. it knocks me out!

    You should post a picture of the pumkin you carved! xD I wanna see! πŸ˜€

  3. everything sounds like you have such a nice day at andy’s mom party…it’s cute that they decided to make the halloween party and even the bday party for the dog πŸ˜‰ i wish i could curve some pumpkins, it’s weird because we have those big pumpkins (i saw them at Wal-Mart) but here in mexico didn’t sell the stuff for curving the pumpkins! i’m afraid if i try with a knife i would break it!!! 😦

  4. hehe, moms are like that aren’t they? First they tell you to do somethin’ that THEY”RE supposed to be doin’, then when you’ve done that, they come back to you for MORE, and act all nicely nicely, dont they? Yep, happens right here alllll the time. Except I don’t help her. =P
    I wonder what its like to live in the US, cause you can move to any other 50 states when you’re not happy with the one you’re livin in. hahah,i wanna live in hm..not cali, its too crowded *_*

  5. Hello..I hope that cold (it was a cold, right?) will get out of your body very soon…i don’t know, but I hate being sick and taking medicines. I’m really sorry for all the stuff with you mum and things, hope you’ll find a way out!

  6. ooh, i took that medicine the other day before school and i soon found out that it was deffinetely drowsy… or atleast that’s the effect it had on me. πŸ™‚ your pumpkins sound so cute! a week or so ago my friend threw a birthday party and we carved pumkpkins πŸ™‚ i never finished mine, but it was the headless horseman- very tricky!

  7. I just got over being sick. Blech. I hate NyQuil. I had to take it but I don’t like being able to do stuff like, I dunno, take care of my kids because of some stupid medicine.

    I thank God everyday that I moved out of my parent’s house. My mom sounds alot like yours… Poor thing.

    Well, I hope you feel better!

  8. It doesn’t sound right to devaluate your own mother. How can you blame your mother not to treate her mother right when you are so mean to your own mother?

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