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i can’t believe it! i just finished my second calc III midterm. the teacher let me check out the answers after i finished and i did well on most of the problems except the second last problem. i did way more than expected on the problem!! in another words, i did NOT do the problem the way it was asked but a harder WAY! and i know i did it right but i WILL NOT get full credit because i did it the wrong way. *sob* *sob* i did more work for less credit. slap slap slap 😦 😦

and i missed my bus home. i’m stuck here at the lab for another hour. i left my wallet and my pencil at the unix lab when i was studying for the test earlier. then after i finished, i went to the bus and realized my wallet was gone. i went back to the unix lab to find them. thank goodness they were STILL THERE!! that was the luckiest part of my unlucky nite.

news on the weekend. i got my new harddrive last week. it seems like installing a new window won’t be much problem. but because we moved two times, some of the cds came with my other hardware are misplaced. i will need driver for my digital cam, my tablet 😦 can i find those drivers elsewhere? TIPS PLEASE! i also got botsoak’s cd. THANK YOU BOTSOAK! you are awesome!

andy got a new ps2 game for us. it’s called legend of mana. it’s a very cute and fun role playing game. but the two player function of the game is very limited 😦 we are finishing on the Spyro.. andy’s having some trouble beating the END BOSS – Gnasty Gnorc!! it’s so hard. there’s no room for a single mistake.

5 thoughts on “MY GOD :(

  1. now that must really suck dodo *pat pat* there there… well, at least you did it well enough to get what marks you could. Would you have rather not known how to do the problem at all? or do the problem like you did? hehe there there *pat pat*…

    always next time to watch those little silly errors *huggie* 🙂

    heheeh ooOO new harddrive is good…
    and didn’t your cam and tablet come with the drivers?

    and oOoh! ps2! hehehe how long have you guys had that box? hehehe seems like people have been playing it so much! haha or maybe it’s just andy, lol! =D

  2. oh my gosh! PS2!!! yeah..legend of mana is a good game, it’s not just like Final Fantasy but it has his good parts, let’s get a lot of fun playing it!!!

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