16 thoughts on “XP baby XP!!!

  1. i hope your version from XP is complete bug free…i have a lot of weird problems with my computer at work crashing on me…*sigh* anyways you seem you’re going Pucca-crazy!!!

  2. XD~ Andy’s too lazy… I’m glad there are user accounts on Win2K. My little brother kept threatening to delete Photoshop, so this stops him! And we could never agree on what wallpaper we wanted, so user accounts helped us out.

  3. aww how cute!! pucca is such a cute cartoon and story behind it. 😀 i’ve been in need for a new wallpaper, i’ll go get a pucca one 😀

  4. wow, dodo, the theme looks sooo cute 🙂 I really want to get xp installed but my dad says it can’t be done in my comp. I wonder was wrong about it, the only thing that makes it different from his is that mine has a smaller monitor :p

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