siblings or no siblings?

i’ve been wondering how many of you have siblings and how many of you enjoy having them or rather not having any? i’m a single child and i always wonder what it’s like to have a sister or brother. it’s strange i actually have quite a few god ones hehe.. but i don’t really spend 24/7 with them. i played by myself when i was younger. most children in my elementary school were single children too so i never thought much about having siblings then. my father always felt sorry that i didn’t get the opportunity to feel the love from any siblings. hmm i’m not too sure about it. since i really get to CHOOSE my god ones hehe… what happens if i never got along with my siblings? sometimes i really perfer to be by myself. any interesting stories you have with your siblings? if you ever become a parent one day, will you want your child to be a single child? that question still baffles me.

23 thoughts on “siblings or no siblings?

  1. Well I have 2 brothers. I’ve always wished for a sister, one older than me so I can always talk to her. But I always have my friends and cousins who always act like my big sisters. I sort of liked my brothers though. They keep me from being bored.

  2. I have three brothers, but I only grew up with one of them…I guess it was good for me, mostly because I was a spoiled little kid before he came along. I don’t know about when I become a parent though, it’s very likely I’ll have only one child.

  3. Well, I only have one brother but I wish I had a sister. It’s fun though, because he’s only 1 year younger than me so there’s hardly any age difference. I can still beat him in video games. šŸ˜€

  4. i have a brother and a sister. sometimes it’s fun- but most of the time, because of the age difference, i don’t get along with them. if you have a sibiling close in age, it makes it a lot more fun. my siblings are only 3 years apart so they are always playing with each other. my best friend has a sister a year younger than her. they fight sometimes, but most of the time they get along often. they have a lot of the same friends so it’s more fun that way.

    i think of sibilings different than friends. there’s no such thing as 2 siblings ALWAYS getting along before they get older. sibiling rivalry is very big- with brothers and sisters you can depend on them like good friends, even when you aren’t having a fun time with each other. frustration arises quickly too, but it’s worth it. where i live, there are hardly ever only children, and most of the time they’re adopted; people are into big families around here.

  5. i have 2 brothers, but no sisters. i wish i had a sister though, because me and my mom dont get along and we dont talk, so i wish i had a sister to look up t, or to talk about girl stuff, you know? my two brothers are cool, but they get on my nerves!!

  6. I have a lot of brothers and sisters, either half, step, or whole… the total count is 4 brothers and 5 sisters. WOW. Anything fun to tell… they were EVIL to me… the step siblings (2 of them) I was the baby so things were different… then my parents adopted my little brother and I am COMPLETELY in love with him! Some of my best memories are playing with Matthew. He is 8 now, and a complete doll… very active, funny, hyper, and sweet.

  7. i have 2 younger brothers. at first, i wasn’t used to idea, but having more family is always good. i know i can depend on them when i need to =)

  8. I’m the eldest of 3 siblings and even if my sister can be annoying, i wouldn’t want to be a single child. I tried it for a month (she went abroad) and the house was so quiet without her. If i were a parent, I’d have at least 2 .ooh i just love babies. (the giving part is tough) *so i digress*

  9. i’m the older sister and i have one little sister. sometimes it gets annoying but i keep in mind that shes always going to be my sis no matter what =) well even tho it sucks sometimes to share things we go through our parents together and suffer the same things so e’re not lonely. ^^;

    sometimes it’s a pain having a sibling though. you might think that having a sibling is fun by your friends or godsiblings heh but it’s really annoying at times

  10. I have two younger sisters (9,10) and 3 older half siblings(24,30,33). I don’t associate with the older ones except for the one that is in prison. Sometimes I get mad at my younger sisters and fight(physically), but I still love them anyways. I want to have more than one child when I get married; I don’t want them to be by themselves. šŸ™‚

  11. two older sisters and one younger brother….once my brother made me so mad (i was like 10 and he was 9) that i stuck a lollipop i was eating into his hair.

  12. I have 1 older sister, one older brother and a little brother~ They do keep you company sometimes, alot of people to talk to, and then they can be so annoying! I remember when my and sister were just @_@!!!! I think we got on each other nerves for awhile. O_o; My lil brother is always a pain. @_@ My older brother can be annoying sometimes too. ^^;; But, it’s worth it I suppose. o.o Always have someone to talk to.

  13. I have 3 older brothers, and despite all the arguments and annoyance that we have with each other, I’d never give them up. Even with my oldest brother, who is a reknown jackass, there is an unconditional love that is there. Throughout my childhood, there was always someone to play and joke around with when bored. They also protect me, and there are times when I don’t know how to tell my parents something, so I tell them. I don’t know about HAVING a sister though. Haha, I think that I am too bitch for one…. but there are many sisters that I know who are close in age, and have such tight bonds.

  14. two brothers, two sisters, all younger. It hard to get along at times… and I think we all drive my mom crazy. heh Maybe if there were less of us, things would be more hectic. But I love my siblings… and I really can’t image my life without them. šŸ™‚

  15. 3 older brothres, and I wouldn’t give them up for the world! Haha… yes, even if they can be so upsetting towards me sometimes.. arggggh… but there’s just this unconditional love in the background.

  16. Ying, you know what I am going to say about siblings–I love them!! I couldn’t imagine growing up with any less than 2 brothers and 5 sisters, and it only gets better as we all get older. Friends come and go, but family is always close. They help me so much, and I need them as much as I like to be around them. I hope to have many children so that they can have each other as friends.

  17. I have 2 brothers, one older (4 years apart) one younger (10 years apart), they both pretty selfish due to the age gap šŸ™‚ I don’t have sisters, that’s probably why I’m more cautious with girls. One of my cousins used to be a single child for about 12 years, until his mum got pregnant again and he suddenly just got a little sister. They seem to be in a better relationship than what I have… ugh, I make a lot of little useless fights with my brothers.

  18. i’m a single child and i’m pretty sure i didn’t want that loneliness for my son or daughter, then i should give at least one brother or sister to my child…

  19. I have one sister, and boy is she a pain in the butt! I love her, as all sisters love eachother, but she really gets to me. She is spoiled rotten, being the baby in the family. She always gets her way and we are totaly different. Yet I know she will always be there for me if I ever need her.

  20. I’ve 2 brothers and If I ever have children I would have more than 1 since is so much fun to grow up together, fight, play and so much more! What can I say I love my brothers ^_^

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