genocide of Tutsis

i don’t know how many of you know about the terrible genocide of Tutsis had happened not a 100 years ago but in June 1994. 800,000 Tutsis were slaughtered by Rwandan militia in 100 days. Five times the speed of killing in Hitler’s Holocaust. UN did nothing. actually many countries asked their troops to leave the country when the genocide started. When the Belgium soldiers were leaving, the refugees begged them to shoot them with machine guns. they said they’d rather die that way than getting slaughtered by machetes.

The country of Rwanda was so full of dead bodies that the corpse flowed to many neighboring countries thru river streams.

source 1 source 2

people’s lives are so worthless in some areas of the globe. you wonder where were those who swore to prevent the mistake of holocaust from happening again…where were they?

5 thoughts on “genocide of Tutsis

  1. I read a book on this topic by a David Gourevitch [excellent]. He interpreted those stats as ppl being killed FASTER that Hitler killed the Jews, and that the reasons why US/UN intervention was not speedier or more effective was b/c of Albright’s nitpicking over a legal/dictionary definition of the word ‘genocide’ that would avoid the admission that actual genocide was taking place, and leave US domestic, international or military efforts free to be directed elsewhere.
    like your blog, cool links.

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