george bush reviews FFIX?!

do you believe this? i’ve been searching the net for stuff about Final Fantasy IX for a while coz i’m so addicted to the game. i’m playing the second time to get everything i’ve missed the first time thru (like the entire game LOL) and today i found George W. Bush’s Review about FFIX.. do you believe it’s true?!

anyway here are some of my reviews of the sites i found.

the best walkthru/faq site is the board is extremely helpful as well. i heard the playonline player guide for FFIX is trash. if you plan to buy it, don’t! just use this page πŸ˜‰ it’s so much better.

mp3 songs download and lyrics πŸ˜‰
midi collection: my final heaven

wallpapers are similar, these are the standard ones.

here’s a movie site. good luck downloading them! for some reason it’s extremely slow for my T1 connection. maybe coz it’s contantsly in high demand? moives here are easier to download. must see movies:
Princess Garnet leaping off
Black Waltz Chase
Dagger humming Song Of Memory
Kuja Appears
Garnet Recalls her past memory
Garnet promises
Rescue Garnet!!!
Dagger’s Haircut

here’s a screensaver (if you click on extra).. the only one i can find. i haven’t tried it yet.

two player game? i found here but i haven’t tried it yet. but it’ll awesome if it’s true! (now i tried, it’s only for battle control XP doh)

15 thoughts on “george bush reviews FFIX?!

  1. haha! “If there was anything learnt from World War II, it is that the best way to deal with foreigners is to put them all into prison camps.  It is a lot harder to be a terrorist spy that way” is a great quote. Reminds me of–a spoof site of Dubya’s administration.

  2. for some reason i believe that isnt his review. the other day i searched for lmd too clothes online and found a site where “suposedly” catherine zeta jones was nude 😦

  3. yeah i plan to play FF XIII next since andy’s playing X.. bobbi, i’ve looking for a moogle plush.. i know you have one.. yes i’m jealous XD

  4. OMG i can’t believe it!! someone else beat me to it 😦 sniff sniff.. i was gonna ask for its size and shipping charge.. woah woah…….

  5. Sis, you don’t want that moogle. There’s a much cuter one and looks so much more like a moogle. I don’t see any on ebay right now, but I can take a picture of mine with my digicam so you can see. *huggles moogle*

  6. Awww. That’s a very nice moogle, but definately not worth $120!!! I haven’t taken a picture of mine yet cause I’m not home, but I will later tonight. πŸ™‚ It’s by Kotubya (or something like that) and it’s from FFX. It’s identical to Lulu’s dead moogle plushie that she carries around during the game.

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