kupo! take me home kupo!

kupo, take me home!YUMM.. i added moogle adoption to pure essence. please don’t forget to adopt some 😉 They are so cute 🙂

sweetie plugs: daynah (new sweet layout), i love jenn clique (i just joined), athena (always forget to plug my dear sis), gaile, grace, lele, stacey (wow, she has a new layout), connie (she used my theme script!), vera (new layout), donaville (new layout), bobbi 🙂

8 thoughts on “kupo! take me home kupo!

  1. oops. I think I broke it. Trying again:

    Thanks for the plug 🙂 and if you’re still looking for a moogle plushie, I can try this anime/import store that’s on my way to school.

  2. OMG Moogle is so adorable. Thanks for adding the cute adoptables! What fun. I shall have to adopt one for my site and link back of course. hehehe Keep up the great work, or should I say awesome work. 😉 [hugs] Becka

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