should i go hungry?

it’s so strange.. i never seemed to have such dilemma about eating before. i asked andy this morning if he’d like to have our breakfast/lunch at this Indian Cafe. he first said yes first then right before we leave, he said he’s rather both of us starve until he gets back from school after 4pm so we can have more time to eat. it’s true we only had 20 minutes to eat but why should i starve myself for that?! i said i’d get a sub at school and he tried to convince me to starve myself. WTF? i don’t know what his logic is but i felt it was quite unreasonable. obviously he felt it was 100% reasonable. ack.. i didn’t feel like arguing with him..

now i found out my first class is cancelled and that i have more time to decide whether i want to go starve or get a sub.. what to do? what to do? arrg… i feel ridiculous how i’m trapped by this simple decision.. geez…

11 thoughts on “should i go hungry?

  1. I actually do the starving thing a lot, because the food on campus is really expensive, so if I want to last the day, I eat at 2-4.. Since you’re not used to it, I recommend getting a sub.

  2. well, if you’re hungry. EAT! :)…. if all factors are within your favor, i.e. cost is good, quality is good, location is within good distance… why not?

    I find myself only in certain situations that i would starve myself. Mostly because i’m a picky eatter, but eh! a sub sounds good, hahaha good for it 🙂

    I’m sure andy will understand the logic that, when people are hungry, they tend to want to eat =D

    there there dodo *pat pat*… think about this later on a full stomach ;DD…

    If it’s time to eat, eat 🙂

  3. Frankly, I don’t even see where you’re hesitating. If you’re hungry, eat! Why starve yourself? You’ll just get hungrier.
    It all seems to make sense to me. But then again, I’ve always been a little more simplistic than others.

  4. I think you should eat when you want to. @_@ Don’t starve yourself~! O_O! I wonder what he was thinking.. @_@ I guess he’s used to it, but I think you should eat if you’re hungry~

  5. aww, i know what you mean, lol. before my mom’s surgery she couldn’t eat for quite a while. when she came back from the hospital she was starving!

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