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orange ball

everyone! turn on your TV, the orange ball is on! Iowa Hawkeyes is IN IT.. i’m gonna watch it. i’m so excited that Iowa got in this time. I can’t wait to see Iowa win. yay!!

i’ve been cleaning up the whole apartment.. and making curry beef stew. i’m so proud of myself about the cleaning. aww.. it makes you feel completely refreshing when the entire living space is neat 😉 but i kinda messed up the stew since i put WAY TOO MUCH curry in it. arrg.. it made taste bitter.. i had to dump half of the soup out and add more water. it’s finally reaching its last stage. hopefully it will turn out ok despite of my strew up. prays 😉 now all is done. my next biggest project will be to WASH MY WINTER COAT. it’s sooooooo dirty. it has to be hand washed.

stacey, thanks for the suggestion. i’ve been playing FFX. i’m trying not to get addicted by video games 😦 so.. tries tries tries

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