school n work


grades are finally out. i got 4.0.. i guess it’s ok. i was expecting a A+ from numercial analysis but i didn’t get it. i’m the third in the class.. the first two got A+ not me 😦 😦 😦 so
numercial analysis: A
calculus III: A
international relations: A (i didn’t do anything for this class, weird)
algorithm: A (amazing.. with that stupid teacher?!)

13 thoughts on “grades

  1. 4.0 is amazing Dodo, you must be so smart. You are in college, not in school, which makes it double and three times as amazing. Congratulations!!! You did amazing, really.

  2. hi! you’re so bloddy smart! i totally envy you. it’s hard for me to even get straight A’s in high school… you inspire me to work harder hahahahah

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