Great shopping!

We actually just wanted to go to Walmart for some grocery shopping tonite. We had a lot of time on hands when we were done so we decided to cruising around the mall for a bit. that turned out to be the greatest shopping for me for quite a while. i got two pieces of clothing, both are cheap and pretty. here’s a shirt i got for $6.99 and a blue sweater for $10 from old navy. the sweater is so warm and i LOVE its neck! it’s so unique and it shows my necklece. on top of that, we finally got a cd visor! $4.99 for 12 cds 🙂 Then i also got this 2 qrt sauce pan i always wanted. it’s on special for $12.95 and it came with a steamer too!! check THIS OUT. it’s marked down from $59.10!!! yay baby! isn’t this cookware store hilarious or what? so great shopping nite!

16 thoughts on “Great shopping!

  1. OH! Dodo! what’s the name of that bunny you’re holding in the sweater pics? I got a little notebook for Christmas with that rabbit on it, and I have no idea what it is!

  2. Great buy makes me happy too! 😀 Love that blue sweater. Really does looks so comfy.

    I like it better now when you clip your bangs, Dodo. You look cute ^^

  3. hey i just joined the desktop cam portal so i thought i would go about saiyng hi! your the famous dodo ! hehe i’ve been to your site loads, and this site is great. keep it up:)

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