i can’t believe school is going to start so soon. less than a week left now. i’m trying hard to pull back my schedule. i can’t.. i just can’t do it. yesterday i tried to go to bed around 11pm but i couldn’t coz i wanted to work on converting my new millennium to php so bad. so i got up and worked on it til this morning. i actually did fall asleep at 12 tonite but i woke up just an hour later dreaming about this game!! I’m totally nuts. I wanted to finish it up so bad coz I was just a TINY BIT away from beating it. I couldn’t pull myself back so i got up and finished the game. and what’s more? I wrote a walk through for it!!! I just want to… arrg.. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…. *falls apart* come and save me!!!!! i need to SLEEP AT NITE AND WORK IN THE MORNING!! not the other way around. *dies*

8 thoughts on “arrg

  1. It’s a nice walk-through. Too bad you just gave away the game to everybody else who hasn’t played it yet and won’t work their butts off like the rest of us now that you’ve told them how to.

  2. Anne, it’s called optional clicking. There are thousands of walkthroughs online for games, some provided by the producers of the games even.

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