wow, unbelievable!

guess what i did? i went and read all my 462 past blog entries to give each of them a CATEGORY. i never used category when I first used b2. now i want to for some reason.

it’s so much fun re-reading your journal. you’d laugh over the same old things again and catch yourself doing silly things. It sounds like I get sick a lot from 2001-2002. Almost every other post is about me being sick. Like I expected, I’m terrible with names. I wrote terrible names for my entries. stuff like “saturday” “sunday”.. wow, how eye catching LOL

some personal news:
1. I found out that i got into that Animation course I really wanted to take. YAY!
2. I went to the book store to buy the books for principle of biology. one of the required equipments is dissecting kit. when i opened it after i got home, it was completely EMPTY!!! yes, they totally bogarted me.
3. I got my work schedule. I will be working only on Thurs, Fri and Saturday next semester. 16.5 hours. that’s 2.5 less hours than last semester. but i think i’ll enjoy it.
4. I tried to pull myself back from my awkward sleeping schedule on Wednesday by staying up til the morning and then slept for only 3 hours. I was definitely tired enough to fall asleep Wednesday night in a snap. but then I couldn’t fall asleep again last nite. i’m hopeless. sigh…

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