12 thoughts on “nuclear missile

  1. Yes, if North Korea, Iraq and the US decide to go crazy all of a sudden, there might be either nuclear or biological war. Ack… It does look like the end of the world..

  2. everytime something related to iraq (or in this case n. korea) i get really worried. it’s really a shocker that the north koreans are now able to hit our west coast with a nuclear missile. would they still consider attacking us now that they’ve lost the element of suprise?
    on another note, i really like your desktop theme. too cute!

  3. there are always threats out there. North Korea has been like this for years. It’s only now that the news is reporting on it. My dad actually was in the army and stationed in South Korea… and to this day there are still US troops on the north/south korea border. The US doesn’t want to start a conflict with North Korea. I also seriously believe that North Korea doesn’t want to start something with us. I’m sure this news is even more disturbing to South Korea, China, and Japan. I really hope that the leaders of the world think twice before doing anything rash. They may make the big decisions, but it is the common joe that ends up fighting.

  4. leah good point!! the reason cold war didn’t turn hot was because of nuclear deterrence. but nuclear deterrence is not 100% safe proof. i wonder how long could the world hold if no one can stop making nuclear weapons.

  5. For some reason I am not worried or scared or care for that matter, I mean Hiroshima was bombed half a century ago with a massive atomic bomb and the world didn’t come to an end… I don’t want to sound insensitive but really people bring things upon themselves.
    Until people learn to look at the world as a whole instead of limited our empathy to the imaginary lines drawn around them, instead of each little/big country looking at themselves as the supreme and other as nothing, the world will be stay this way.
    O.o Ah, lol, little box I’ll stop now. Hope ya have a nice day ^^

  6. “people bring things upon themselves” – oh my goodness, no they don’t!!! That’s like saying that since our President made a choice it’s OUR fault… it’s not. All those people died because of conflict with their leaders and other leaders… the people are the one’s who get killed, and that isn’t fair. Men should be punished for their own misdeeds, not the misdeeds of others. I say bring back dueling… if two leaders have issues with eachother let THEM fight it out.

  7. the thing is those men usually represent a country. and tho everyone in the country chooses to do so.. that decision will affect everyone in that country.. which is sad but there is no clear solution for it.

  8. atomic war scares the living crap out of me. the US was stupid. Iraq– weapons of mass destruction not found. However, Bush does not want to do anything about the North Korea problem. All of this is so frightening.

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