new chinese pop songs

due to some requests, i uploaded some more extracted chinese pop songs from my cd. they are here. You MUST “right click” and “save target as” to your own computer in order to listen to them coz geocities suck. anyway, hope you enjoy them. there were some requests about the lyrics. if i have time, i will try to translate some.

in addition, i found some chinese singers gallery.. awww i still think Vivian Chow has the prettiest face. she looks just like those anime characters. i say she’s been on quite a few magazine covers? and ekin cheng looks SO DIFFERENT when he has short hair compare to long hair. arg.. he needs to have LONG HAIR!

5 thoughts on “new chinese pop songs

  1. Actually I’m here not to comment anything, ur website is cool…I like it even it looks simple but cute jst the way u smile.By the way, I’m here because I ‘m looking for Shang Hai Tan lyrics song.Or the Mp3 if you girls have it.I really need it..because I’m going to perform my song soon..could u help..or anybody …TQ so much…bye

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