Asian Abuse

After three days of playing around, I think I can Asian Abuse finally started to look like something. I programmed all the features I can possibly think of for it. I hope this group will grow. I really hope it will bring warmth for those who need it. Because I KNOW how hard it is when you find no one to understand your situation and that you are all by yourself. I’ve certainly been through that. If i knew internet and knew such a group when I felt hopeless, it would probably help me regain confidence even quicker. i had to do it all with my own power. i felt lost for a long time.

on a brighter note, i’ve received a valentines gift from Rebecca. someone i totally didn’t expect. thank you so much! if my little contribution to the net made you happy, it’s very worthwhile.

i hope everyone’s doing their daily grind today! i will be putting up mine soon.

3 thoughts on “Asian Abuse

  1. Beautiful work on AA, dodo. I think it would be great if there was a resources area referring non-Asians to things that would help them understand this part of Asian culture. I highly recommend the movie “Farewell, My Concubine” if anyone wants to learn what life is like for some young Chinese kids.

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