school n work

spring break is coming!

ok i finally had to remove those “black dots“, it kills me to look at them constantly.

i finished a machine problem for my advance system software class. it was awful. we had to read more than 1000 lines of code to figure out what to do!! i left the unix lab yesterday afternoon after finished printing out all the codes. (it was like a booklet.) there were many people in my class who were still stuck there. the teacher extended the due day to Wednesday but i finished it anyway. i only wish it gives me extra credits. arg.. probably not.

i also finished my biology lab report yesterday. i’ve been a busy little bee.

after i’ve done all the required work, i finally got to relax and think about my upcoming trip to california. OMG!! it will be here so soon. i want to jump up and down. i took all the summer clothes out from the closet yesterday to decide which ones i want to take to CA. gosh i haven’t worn them for so long. i WANT TO WEAR THEM so bad. i love my summer clothes. now i get to wear them. *goes to scream in joy* hahahahha…

people, start the count down now! 4 more days til CA.. meanwhile, don’t forget to vote for me at the bottom of that page, #11


7 thoughts on “spring break is coming!

  1. Dodo, don’t worry, soon you will soaking up the sun! Have fun in your great summer clothes! 🙂 And don’t worry, I’ll vote for you.

  2. cryssi – i’m gonna stay at gilroy most of the time. that’s where andy’s aunt lives. but from 15 – 17th i will be down in riverside visiting my sweet sis daynah! we will go to disneyland!

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