why does it not work?

you know my sleeping problem hasn’t gotten better yet 😦 andy got me Chamomile and i drank two cups tonite but it didn’t bring me to sleep. i feel rather bad coz andy decided to sleep out in the living room so his snore won’t keep me awake. i thought it was his snoring too that kept me awake. well, it’s obviously NOT. he’s been out in the living room since 1am and here i am.. widely awake because i am too excited over the new layout for dnw and who knows what? maybe i seriously have some problem?!

10 thoughts on “why does it not work?

  1. The new blue layout with kitties is great.

    Have you ever heard of melatonin? It is something you can pick up from a health food store. My mother was having serious sleeping problems and she started taking that. It usually will help. You also may want to try Herbal Seasonings “Sleepytime Tea” It tastes really great and isn’t just pure cammomile.

  2. The new layout is so awesome Dodo! About your sleeping, have you tried meditation, to calm down? Not meditating, but the other thing that is very close to it, I can´t think of the english term. Do you know what I mean? I am sorry Dodo, I have sleeping problems as well, and know they suck endlessly! *HUGS*

  3. Aww… I’m sure you don’t have a problem, sometimes people just have sleeping problems because of various reasons. I know I can’t sleep sometime just because I’m excited over some silly tiny thing the next day! I personally don’t know what to recommend, although meditation does sound like a very good alternative, yoga as well? Well, I’m no help but I hope you get some good rest soon! =D

  4. I’ve had insomnia for the past 3 months and it’s becoming more of a medical condition than anything else. My parents are thinking about putting me on a medication – so maybe it might be the same for you? I dunno.. hehe.

  5. Maybe it’s because u’re a workaholic… you have to work rather than sleep. I use to be like that… try to sleep sis. I want you to be well!

    The layout is very cute by the way. 🙂 I love it.. esp. the cursors heh

  6. I have had insomnia since I was really little… The only times I can ever go to bed earlier than 1am are after I’ve exercised then take a hot shower. By the time I get out, I’m pooped. These never worked for me but you could try warm milk, one of those lavender baths or heck even that baby bath and body stuff that’s supposed to make them drowsy. 😉 My brother suggests not going to bed at all or getting up reeeallly early then by the next night you’ll be so tired that you’ll be able to get to bed on time.

  7. yea i agree, the next day you do get tired but you also feel dead during the next morning too. that’s NOT how is supposed to work right?

  8. going on the computer right before you sleep doesnt help, especially if you have been on for ages. i usually try not to go on at all before i sleep because it keeps your brain awake. Most nights I get off an hour or so before i get ready for bed. sometimes it helps, other times it doesnt much.

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