lots of mixed stories to tell. i’m working on the pictures. they won’t be up until tonite. i have to figure out ways to decrease my web space usage somehow. hmm maybe retire some of the themes? i really don’t like some of them tho they are not really taking up that much space. happy birthday to lauryn! she’s turning 17 today. i see tons of new layouts around the web. it’s so hard to catch up. it seems like many people also just got back from their vacations. leah successfully installed my theme script. woohoo! i got two more people expressed interest in purchasing the script. i’m so happy.

when i tried to use my cell phone last nite, i found the plan had expired for days. i was relunctant to pay another $35 for 30 days because it’s so freaking expensive and i don’t even use it that much. yes, i guess it is easier for people to get a hold of me since i’m constantly online at home. tho my dad always complained how he couldn’t get to me anyway since i have my cell off all the time. sometimes i turn my cell off for class and forget to turn it back on. and i never remember to recharge the batteries. i don’t know how many times did it go dead right when my dad calls. so is it worth it? oh yea, in case you are wondering, i did quite a bit of search last nite, $35 per 30 days IS the cheapest deal i could find for iowa city, ia. small city sucks so bad. i’m still trying to decide whether i want to renew my plan. i have three months before the activation expires.

I can’t believe i have to go back to school! ARG!! i want to go back to california instead!!

13 thoughts on “crap

  1. I’ve never been to california! It’s on my to do list! πŸ™‚ I also want to go to the Grand Canyon. Take a month and do a tour of the West… that would be so neat.

  2. Meepy that is rather expensive.. think of how much you could be saving. Is it possible for you and Andy to share a phone? $35 is steep when you have a lot of other costs to consider as a student.

  3. awww 😦 you guys don’t haev a ‘pay as you go’ plan? or some hourly rates? 😦

    *pat pat*

    but again welcome back! home sweet home! πŸ™‚

  4. Welcome back Dodo! The piccies with you and Daynah (on Dayahs site) look amazing, you must have had an excellent time! Makes it extra hard to return to school I bet. *eek*

  5. Wow, that is EXPENSIVE! I’m so surprised mobile service costs so much where you are! Heheh, move to Australia – the plans are super cheap here, even AFTER the recent rise in prices!! Some of our plans are equivalent to about $8/mo of your money. Is there an option to “pre-pay” where you are? That’s where you pay, say, $30 and your call credits last for however long and you just use them up like fuel in a car. Maybe check out the network suppliers rather than the service providers, as the sp are probably likely to divvy up their supply into plans already.

  6. How many $ worth of calls do you get in 30 days? “Pre-paid” is different to paying for service. With the pre-paid plans here, you’d pay $30 for $30 worth of call credits which last up to 6 months. Are you paying for your calls separately or are they included? If it’s included, then that’s crazy, lasting only 30 days!! O_O

  7. i can call anywhere in the state of iowa for an unlimited amout of time. i can get 60 text message. i can not send text message. i can not call anywhere outside of the state of iowa and i can’t receive any calls once i’m out of the state of iowa. doesn’t that suck?

  8. You should check out http://www.verizonwireless.com/ And find the link for prepay service. I’m pretty sure they offer service in your area. They’ll ask for your zip code and then there’ll be a brief explanation of how it works. So if you put anywhere from like $15-29.99 you get a month of service. $30-some odd number you get 60 says to use that. There is a set price for each minute during weekdays and a it’s cheaper for night and weekend. Hopefully Verizon will work for you and you can start saving some money πŸ™‚

  9. wow, how did i miss that? i need to talk to one of the verizon people here. thank you so much! i’m so happy i haven’t renewed my old plan yet.

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